As Postgraduate Programme Manager (Director of Postgraduate Studies) at Coventry University (2009-2014), I was responsible for the day-to-day running of all media MA programmes (MA Communication, Culture and Media (5 routes); MA Media Production; MA Specialist Journalism (3 routes)). In my role I was overseeing the delivery, curriculum, student feedback, personal tutoring of students (including pastoral duties), the investigation and handling of plagiarism cases, monitoring student attendance, course development and updating, revalidation, and marketing and admission for the postgraduate (PG) portfolio. I was also responsible for PG budget, staffing, team teaching, peer teaching observation and supervision (both MA and PhD) in the Media department. As the convenor of the PG course directors meetings I also represented all PG issues at departmental and faculty level as far as assessment, strategic planning, student satisfaction and delivery were concerned.

As DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Professor (2007-2009) and DFG (German Science Foundation) Mercator Professor of English and Cultural Studies (2010-2011) in the English Department at Heidelberg University, my responsibilities corresponded to those of German C-3 or W-2 chairs. Apart from teaching on the BA, MA and postdoctoral programmes in English studies, I was involved in programme development (internationalisation), BA, MA and PhD examination and supervision, research, publication, research mentoring and conference organisation.

As Associate Principal Lecturer in Cultural Analysis at Leeds Trinity University (1997-2007), I was teaching on the BA and MA programmes in Media and Cultural Studies, which included module leadership and course development, as well as pastoral and supervision duties for students. I was also acting as postgraduate programme manager of the MAs in Media and Journalism, and taking part in preparing the RAE (UK national research evaluation) for the Faculty of Media. I was a member of the University Research committee and co-organised two international conferences.