Supervision & examination

  • Director of PhD Studies: Anne Pusch, “Literature and Animal Studies”; Heidelberg University.
  • Director of PhD Studies: Amanda Emmanuel Smith, “Masculinism in 20th-Century Literature”; Heidelberg University.
  • Director of PhD Studies: Poppy Wilde, “Gaming and Posthuman Subjectivity”; Coventry University (2013-2014).
  • Co-Director of PhD Studies: Seline Reinhardt, “Religion and Climate Change”; University of Bern.
  • Co-Director of Studies: Maria Theuma, “Posthumanism and Beauty”; University of Malta.
  • External PhD Examiner: Anna McFarlane, “A Gestalt Approach to the Science Fiction Novels of William Gibson”; University of St. Andrews (2014).
  • External PhD Examiner: Anamaria Schwab, “The New York of the Past in Recent American Literature”; University of Bucarest (2015).
  • External PhD Examiner: Bruce Darlington, “Music in the Spaces of the 21st Century”; University of Chester (2016).