Environmental criticism and posthumanism share an interest in nonhuman agency and nonhuman forms and practices of inscription. Ecography refers to analyses of how literature deals with nonhuman writing, both in terms of formal innovation and conceptualisation.

Some aspects already published include:

  • Perdre la mesure… Or, The Ecologics of Extinction”, CounterText 2.1 (2016): 15-30. Pre-publication version available here.
  • “Posthumanist Literature?”, Keynote (Approaching Posthumanism and the Posthuman, University of Geneva, June 2015). Text available on
  • “‘Nicht dass ich fürchtete, ein Tier zu werden…’; Ökographie in Marlen Haushofers Die Wand”, Figurationen 15.1 (2014): 41-55. Pre-publication version available here.