CPH Collected Essays

To appear in the CPH Brill series in 2024:

Two volumes with my collected essays on critical posthumanism written over the last decade or so (some republished and updated, some new).

Volume 1: (Un)Learning to be Human


  • Preface: Returning to Critical Posthumanism
  • Introduction: Critical Posthumanism – Ten Years On
  • Poststructuralism and the End(s) of Humanism
  • Posthumanism, Subjectivity, Autobiography
  • Rhetoric of the Posthuman – Posthumanism and Language
  • (Un)Ravelling
  • Posthumanist Education?
  • (Un)Learning to be Human
  • Posthumanism without Technology, or, How the Media Made Us Post/Human: From Originary Technicity to Originary Mediality
  • Postfiguration
  • Perfectibilities
  • Making Humans Better: Posthumanism ‘Beyond’ Violence
  • Conclusion: Humanism without Humans

Volume 2: Solidarities with the Non/Human, or, Posthumanism and Literature


  • Introduction: Critical Posthumanism and Literature
  • Section I – Posthumanism Writes Back:
    • Shakespeare and After
    • The Invention of the Posthuman in The Merchant of Venice – “…a passion so strange, outrageous, and so variable…”
    • Hamlet and Posthumanist Politics
    • Treasuring the Self: A Posthumanist Reading of John Keats’s “Ode to a Nightingale”
    • Yearning for the Human in Posthuman Times: On Albert Camus’s Tragic Humanism
  • Section II – Animal Writing
    • Solidarity with the Non/Human
    • Uomini e no: Elio Vittorini’s Dogs and Sacrificial Humanism
    • Animalities – Milan Kundera and the Unbearable Lightness of Being Posthuman
    • “Not that I was afraid of becoming an animal…” – Ecography in Marlen Haushofer’s The Wall
  • Section III – Life Writing
    • Narrating-Life
    • Zoontotechnics – Cultured Meat, Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and Life after Animals
    • Microbes R Us – David Eagleman’s Sum and Jim Crace’s Being Dead and the Medical Humanities
    • Don DeLillo’s Point Omega and Zero K as ‘Posthumanist Literature’
  • Postface
    • Posthumanism and the Death of Tragedy